Testimonials & Photos

  • They picked me up and drove to Glowno. I did not think we would be successful but Ola kept my confidence up. Thanks to my 93 year old father’s memory, we were able to find his home, which is now a ladies’ wear shop. Aleksandra was able to get permission to look around and the owners took us upstairs to the old residence of my family where nothing was changed. “Thanks to the wonderful staff in helping me on this important family quest. I highly recommend contacting the Taube Center for any information or tours. They have excellent resources and amazing personnel that will make your journey as successful as mine. Our family and especially my 93 year old father are most grateful for the wonderful work of this agency and especially to our guide, and now my dear friend, Aleksandra. Love to all at Taube Jewish Heritage Tours who made this all possible.”  

    Morris Henoch Winnipeg, Manitoba