Jakub Lysiak

Jakub Lysiak, General Tour Manager, joined the Taube Jewish Heritage Tours staff in December 2015. He is an experienced tour guide, researcher, and logistical coordinator, having managed over 300 tours in the the last decade.

Jakub frequently serves as a logistics consultant to the Embassy of Israel in Poland, specializing in coordinating visits of Israeli government delegations to Poland. He has experience of working directly with the offices of the President, Prime Minister as well as the Israeli Parliament.

Jakub’s excellence as a tour manager is built on a solid academic foundation. His studies at the Warsaw and Tel-Aviv Universities, with the focus on Jewish history, ensure a wider historical perspective and background.

Among Jakub’s frequent collaborators and clients we can mention Deborah Lipstadt, Alan Dershowitz and Lawrence M. Small.

What sets Jakub apart from other tour managers is his keen interest in history and his proficiency in genealogical research.

A primary focus of any tour managed by Jakub is emphasizing the wider historical perspective and a multi-dimensional approach to culture and cross-cultural experiences in Poland and beyond.

His mission is to merge education and authentic cultural experiences to illustrate how our present and the future is shaped by past events.