Join us in exploring Lodz: The City of Four Cultures!

Taube Jewish Heritage Tours invites participants of the 38th IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy for a day-long journey through Lodz: The City of Four Cultures.

The city of Lodz, the birthplace of such notable individuals as pianist Arthur Rubinstein, artist Arthur Szyk and architect David Libeskind, was once known for its booming textile industry and considered the Manchester of the East. Lodz was an industrial “promised land” of opportunity for Poles, Jews, Germans, and Russians in the 19th century, during which it grew from a village of 500 into a great industrial city of over 500,000 inhabitants. Today, the city is searching for its new character and identity after the fall of Communism as Lodz is becoming the major area of revitalization in Poland and one of the largest in the EU.

The center of the city, which survived World War II mostly unscathed, is filled with an eclectic array of architectural styles — palaces and villas of industrial moguls located next to vast complexes of textile factories and blocks of 19th century tenements. The most impressive residences are the former homes of the Poznanski and Scheibler families with bourgeois edifices of the Belle Époque period, accompanied by adjacent factory buildings and rows of tenement housing for the working class.

The Lodz Ghetto, referred to as the Litzmannstadt Ghetto, was operational longer than any other ghetto in occupied Poland and was the most isolated.  It was the last ghetto to be liquidated and therefore had the most survivors.

After the war, Lodz, until the 1968 Communist anti-Semitic campaign, was home to a significant community of surviving Polish Jews with Jewish schools, youth activities and a traditional “club” where many would gather for secular versions of holiday celebrations, meetings and programs. The post war community, many Yiddish speaking, was made up of Polish Jews who had survived the war in the former Soviet Union or elsewhere, but were mainly not originally from Lodz.  Today’s community is small, but is attracting new members annually.

Let your curiosity get the better of you, and join us to experience Lodz. On a Taube Jewish Heritage Tour, you are not merely a passive observer, but rather, an active participant in memorable journeys into time and place!

Highlights include:

  • Marek Edelman Center for Dialogue is an institution that promotes the multicultural and historical heritage of Lodz through education, publishing, art projects and commemorative events.
  • The Survivors Park was an initiative of the Mayor of Lodz in 2004 on the 60th anniversary of the annihilation of the city’s Jewish Community, commemorated through planting memorial trees by the survivors of the Litzmannstadt Ghetto.
  • Tour of Piotrkowska Street, the heart of Lodz, one of the longest commercial streets in the world.
  • Tour of the Lodz Ghetto, the New Jewish Cemetery, and a visit to the Radegast memorial.
  • Visit to the Museum of the City of Lodz that is housed in the former palace of the Poznanski family.
  • Visit Manufaktura, the shopping center located in the beautiful brick buildings of the former 19th-century industrial estate of Izrael Poznanski.
  • Meeting with members of the Lodz Jewish community

Taube Jewish Heritage Tours is excited to take you on this special journey of discovery.

Date:  Thursday, August 2 and Sunday, August 12

Meeting point: lobby of the Hilton Warsaw Hotel and Convention Centre on Grzybowska 63 street

Transportation: Coach

Price: 700 PLN/person

Number of people: max 25 people, min 10

Led by a professional guide and accompanied by TJHT staff member throughout the tour