Recommended Reading

“Field Guide to Jewish Warsaw and Kraków”
Published by the Taube Center, the Guide begins with a concise historical overview of the thousand years of Jewish life in Poland and of today’s cultural revival. The Guide presents eight unique walking tours, four in each city, accompanied by full-color maps, detailed directions, and illustrated discussions of important sites and personages. The Guide was created by an international team of experts and writers and is used by our Taube Jewish Heritage Tour program.
See Introduction for a good historical overview, pp. 1-15. 
“Field Guide to Jewish Łódź”
The Field Guide to Jewish Łódź, published by the Taube Center for the Renewal of Jewish Life in Poland Foundation, in partnership with the Libitzky Family Foundation and the Taube Foundation for Jewish Life & Culture, offers a comprehensive description of important landmarks of Jewish Łódź and the context in which to view and understand them. Four detailed walking tours of the city, with street maps and descriptions, are interlaced with provocative Discussion Questions that add another dimension to a visitor’s explorations. Numerous sidebars illuminate specific topics such as the Baigelman family musical dynasty, the rich and diverse history of Lodz film, theater, and art, the strikingly difficult conditions of the WWII Lodz ghetto, and the modern-day search for mezuzah traces. To set the larger context, the field guide is bookended with an introduction to the thousand-year history of Jewish life in Poland and a comprehensive listing of Jewish partner organizations and cooperating institutions in 16 Polish cities.

English Language: “Deep Roots, New Branches: Personal Essays by Four Generations of Polish Jews on the Rebirth of Jewish Life since 1989”
Hebrew Language: “שורשים עמוקים, ענפים חדשים: מאמרים אישיים על תחיית יהדות פולין מאז 1989”
French Language: “Racines profondes, nouvelles branches: Essais sur la renaissance de la vie juive en Pologne depuis 1989”
This collection of personal essays by 4 generations of (mainly) Polish Jews discusses their experiences of rebuilding Jewish life following the 1989 victory of democracy over communism. French and Hebrew language translations are made possible with the support of a “Common History, New Chapters” grant from the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 
Recommended Essays: pp. 77-82 (Daniela Malec); pp. 90-95 (Dr. Jan Spiewak); pp. 25-30 (Dr. Feliks Tych); pp. 36-41 (Piotr Wislicki). 

English Language: “Historical Timeline of 1,000 Years of Polish Jewish History”
Hebrew Language: “1,000 שנות חיים יהודיים בפולין”
French Language: “1,000 ans de vie juive en Pologne” 
In appreciation of the millennium of Jewish history and accomplishments in Poland, we assembled and updated an authoritative timeline of the significant events of Jewish life in Poland, so often limited in modern-day sensibilities as exclusively the site of the Holocaust. Beginning with the arrival of Abraham ben Yaakov in the year 965, the illustrated timeline follows the rich and complex history of Polish Jewry through the centuries up to the present day. French and Hebrew language translations are made possible with the support of a “Common History, New Chapters” grant from the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.