With the onset of Covid-19, the Taube Center had to suspend its flagship program, Taube Jewish Heritage Tours. 

We asked ourselves a challenging question:  If you cannot visit Poland, how could TJHT bring Poland to you?

In April, we launched TJHTalks, a monthly webinar series on seminal topics in Polish Jewish studies, as a way of maintaining a connection with former and future tour participants, establishing new partnerships, and growing the Taube Center’s global audience. The webinar program has been successful beyond our aspirations, drawing audiences from around the world, with an average attendance of 650 per webinar.

We invite you to join us!

If you aren’t yet on our mailing list, please send us an email at: tjhtalks@taubejewishheritagetours.com and we will be happy to include you.
In the meantime, please visit our YouTube Channel to watch previous sessions with our esteemed speakers.


When the world is ready to travel, TJHT will be ready to welcome you!

Taube Jewish Heritage Tours is redefining the way people explore and experience Poland. We provide meaningful encounters with Poland’s rich, thousand-year Jewish history, embarking on journeys that can cover any or all parts of a diverse geography. Jews lived everywhere and left traces of their existence for us to discover and hold dear. On a Taube Jewish Heritage Tour, you will be come an explorer in a world that may seem both strange and familiar. Our multilingual experts provide access to a past that might be expressed in Polish, Yiddish, Hebrew, Russian, or German, yet it has given us words, ideas, and foods that seem part of everyday life in New York, Toronto, Berlin, or Tel Aviv. We visit the heritage sites that illuminate how Poland became and remained the epicenter of Jewish life for centuries until the outbreak of WWII.

Each tour is different, shaped by the needs and interests of you, your family, your colleagues, or your classmates. Poland is surprisingly big, and Jews live in every part, from the Baltic ports in the north, to the urban hubs in the center, the ancient capital of Kraków, and the Tatra Mountains in the south. Based in Warsaw, we can accommodate groups of all sizes, types, and ages, whether educational and community tours, family genealogy excursions, or VIP delegations.

Let your curiosity get the better of you, and join us to experience Poland. On a Taube Jewish Heritage Tour you are not merely a passive observer, but rather, an active participant in memorable journeys into time and space.