Study Tours

Take your students on an unforgettable journey.

For students, faculty and researchers, there’s nothing like the opportunity to explore your academic field of interest at its source.

We create thematic-based study tours for students and faculty that combine site visits, lectures, and workshops with educational and cultural activities.

At TJHT we believe the most important ingredient in good student travel programs is variety. On the one hand, students and faculty will visit the great monuments of the Jewish past in Poland and, on the other hand, they will experience the present by visiting local flourishing institutions such as JCCs and Hillels. They will be given an opportunity to interact with their Polish peers, meet with local scholars and discuss with community leaders to ensure a fulfilling educational journey.

For the last several years we've been cooperating with several Hillel and university campuses from North America and beyond.

Below you will find a standard itinerary for university tours. We will be happy to adjust it to your organization’s needs.

We encourage you to emabark on this educational adventure through the richness of Jewish Polish heritage with us!
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We meet with Poles, both Jewish and not Jewish, to understand that Poland is no longer part of what we used to quaintly call 'Eastern Europe'; that is a relic of the Cold War. Instead we encounter today's Poland, which is in the center of the European Union -- in fact, one of the most dynamic countries in the EU. An interesting process is going on. Not only are Jews discovering the important place that Poland played in their history, but Poles are discovering they can't understand their own history without thinking about Jews. People are learning about one another and from one another, and they are also learning about their own identities.