Our Mission

Taube Jewish Heritage Tours (TJHT) invites people from around the world to explore Polish Jewish culture and to connect with the country’s enduring Jewish legacy, which has shaped modern-day Israeli and American Jewish societies and permeated all facets of Western culture. 


As the flagship program of the Taube Center, Taube Jewish Heritage Tours is committed to strengthening the bonds between Jews and Jewish communities worldwide.

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What Makes Taube Jewish Heritage Tours Unique

When you participate in a Taube Jewish Heritage Tour, whether with your family, community, or campus, you will have an experience that is custom-designed for you by skilled tour experts, and you will be guided by top-rated scholars and educators.


Taube Jewish Heritage Tours opens doors to the depth and breadth of Polish Jewish heritage, from spiritual discovery to intellectual inquiry, a culture and history that for centuries has been central to both the Jewish and Western worlds.


We explore Poland’s past, present, and future. We pay tribute at Holocaust sites to the loss of millions of lives and of an entire civilization which were utterly decimated in the Nazi genocide. We discover, we mourn, we commemorate. And also we celebrate by offering unique opportunities to participate in today’s inspiring Jewish cultural revival and to understand how Jewish life could be reborn in Poland after the 1989 defeat of Communism.